We’re all guilty.

Guilty of sending that “one last email”. Rendering out that “one last file” instead of taking the break our mind & body desperately needs. Personally, there’s been many a day where food I brought from home or picked up from a nearby cafe ended up in the trash bin because I was “too busy” to eat it. We feel that we’re doing the best that we can because we’re not wasting time and we’re continuing to complete our tasks – but are we doing more harm than good?

It’s scientifically proven that taking regular breaks throughout the day helps with regaining our focus, sharpness and motivation. Trust me, I know that as an entrepreneur or go-getter it can be difficult to justify taking time away from the grind, but if you want to last in what you’re doing it’s a non-negotiable. Here are some other benefits to taking intentional breaks during the day, along with a few suggestions to start making this a part of your daily routine:

  • Increased creativity & inspiration – Getting out into a new environment exposes us to new sounds, sights, feels (and tones) that could make the difference in taking your projects or ideas to the next level. Try grabbing a coffee or juice, and hitting the streets for a quick mind-clearing walk around your community.
  • Reduces stress – You’d be surprised at how stepping away from your workspace for just 15 minutes can help to reduce the build up of stress you feel in both your work and personal life!
  • Creating conversations – No matter what type of work you dedicate yourself to each day, it’s difficult to have meaningful, engaging conversations with the people around us. Taking breaks can help us get to know the people we work with/around,  and start conversations that can lead to collaboration in the future.
  • Reducing health risk – Sitting all day is bad. Very bad. Even some of the stingiest corporations on the planet have begun to use standup desks for their employees to mitigate health issues, which should be more than enough motivation for you to get up, get out, and get your blood pumping!

Basically to sum it up…

Taking breaks can lead to breakthroughs.