Following the police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, a youth led march & protest was held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Sunday, July 10th. Thousands gathered without incident. It was completely peaceful – contrary to what the news media would have you to believe.

Our team was working on a community project on the East Coast when we received word about the incidents that took place in Baton Rouge – the hometown of both of our community founders, David Jones II and Jesse LaBauve. We rushed back to the State of Louisiana to be of service to the community, create & offer solutions to the many complex issues that lie behind the police incident, and to tell the city’s narrative in a real & authentic way.

From the beginning, our community has sought to be a space that fosters growth & connection, by empowering young people to pioneer their projects, ideas and dreams with meaningful purpose. Whoever, for some of the people represented in our United States community, the reality is that we face difficult issues within our communities that affect our abilities to achieve our goals safely without discrimination. We support the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and urge all people of good will to seek out ways in which we can strengthen our communities through systemic change and daily acts of kindness for those currently fighting for justice & equality.

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